Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post-it Notes on my Brain

For Battle is great for hanging out and chatting around the campfire, but occasionally I get the craving for someplace a little more self-indulgently rant-able. Either stuff that just pops into my head that I feel like writing down somewhere, or else a place for those conversations at parties where 95% of folks catch a sentence or two and back slowly away without making eye contact, but the other 5% dive right in. So its not that I'm trying to keep this private, its just that I want to give people the choice to back away or not - posting it on For Battle seemed a bit too in-your-face. Possibly I'll email folks who I think would be interested in individual conversations, or post a link on For Battle or something; I haven't decided yet. Most likely I'll end up posting to this twice a year in any case...

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